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DPH CONCIERGE & LIFESTYLE is a concierge services, support & lifestyle enhancement company dedicated to all your needs by establishing positions throughout an array of industries.

Empowering people to empower themselves as well as others, to strengthen communities. Providing authentic networking, communication & on the job experience in an everyday changing global economic environment.

DPH CONCIERGE & LIFESTYLE LLC is a company dedicated to providing long-term continuous value, exceptional customer service that exceeds our member’s expectations, authentic & genuine quality.

We support our value proposition by selling services that are exquisitely tailored memberships that provide exactly what the client/member needs to focus, save time and be their best.

 "I highly recommend DPH Concierge & Lifestyle LLC's outstanding services to anyone seeking some assistance. DPHLLC is a CLASS act, always there to pick up the pieces when the days get stressful and time is limited. Being a business owner, and professor at prestigious private college, I am often chasing after deadlines with a very heavy workload. I cannot tell you the relief they have provided me by being available to help with my never ending to-do list, given me the uncanny gift of knowing that nothing of relevance will be neglected. DPH Concierge & Lifestyle LLC is always courteous, on time, thoughtful, creative, and has been there for me in a pinch on multiple occasions. Their attention to detail, their positive attitude, and their diverse array of talents and skills have made my hectic life manageable and has given me peace of mind in a chaotic word. Without hesitation, I would refer DPH Concierge & Lifestyle LLC to ALL working professionals who may need a hand, You can be assured all duties will be handled with quality assurance, diligence, and professionalism. 

Marcus Rogers
Director of Marcus Rogers Dance Company & Yoga Instructor/ Choreographer

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Eliminate the Mundane tasks, boost employee morale, offer a competitive employee benefit package that puts you on the list of one of the top places to work. Take back time to do the things you love with a trusted team to get the job done in a diligent and efficient manner- While maintaining the DPH Concierge Core Branding Values with Sophistication, Professionalism and attention to detail, innovation and servitude.

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